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Hi and welcome

Visiting a blog is like e-meeting its author, so let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Antoine Emond, and I am a French citizen residing in Scandinavia – at the time of writing. I love open-minded discussions with different perspectives, learning new things, exchanging ideas, great food (be it gourmet or comfort), traveling, reading, gaming… and, above anything else, technology and innovation.

I created my first website when I was 12, long before social media were a thing and before Internet became mainstream. Alas, my programming skills are a bit rusty and I do not like to put myself in front of a camera, so this blog will not be a technical showcase of the latest and greatest web technology and you should expect a focus on substance rather than on its delivery form. (It is a lame excuse, I know).

That is me, greetings!

What is this blog about?

Well, at least according to its About section, “this blog covers Digital Innovation and its impact on Markets, Consumers, and Corporate Strategies, from the perspective of an industry veteran.”

I have wide experience in strategy, marketing, and consumer insights, with almost 20 years working in tech, including 13+ in leading companies such as Microsoft, Ubisoft, or Samsung, defining and driving international projects, programs, or campaigns. My focus has always been on innovation, improving the consumer experience, and data-driven decisions.

Being at a turning point in my personal life and career, I would like to enrich my knowledge and challenge my thinking even more. And I think that the insights built during this process should not lay behind closed doors. I want you to benefit from this journey and from my experience!

While many blogs provide an “agency side” perspective, this blog will mostly highlight the perspective from the companies – the “client side” – or their consumers. It will cover the following:

  • Insights
  • Innovation
  • Marketing
  • Web
  • Game Dev (TBC – coming March 2021)

I am an analytical person, be it professionally or from a personal standpoint. I always go the extra mile to thoroughly assess situations, actively look for different perspectives, and think out of the box. For this reason, you will regularly find articles here where I will surface different takes on topics, looking into various sets of data and facts to turn you into brainy data-crunch nerds. 🙂 You might even read from other topic experts directly on this blog from time to time!

Why this blog?

I have been the victim of aggravated defamation, and while a third-party conducted an investigation that didn’t find any support to the claims of this individual, this event had an impact on my professional and personal life.

By allowing me to both share my expertise and learn from others, this blog is a unique opportunity for me to strengthen my knowledge, grow my network, and help me define the next steps in my professional journey.

Let’s get in touch!

This blog is as much yours than it is mine, so should you have feedback, content ideas, or questions related to digital innovation, tech and gaming, feel free to drop me a line. To do that, please head out to the Contact page.



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